Our Company History

slide1Catalyst Trading began operations in 1990, when a customer called looking for a simple solution to a problem. The customer had a warehouse full of catalyst, with no single lot larger than 25,000 Lbs. The customer wanted somebody to organize their catalyst warehouse and determine exactly what was in their inventory, we emptied the warehouse, swept the floors, combined the like lots of catalyst, replaced damaged packaging, and created an inventory of precisely what was in that building. We provided that service at no cost to the customer in hopes of purchasing any catalyst they deemed as surplus.

Well that customer never sold us any catalyst, but he sure gave us a good idea. Why not help our customers find out what is really in their catalyst warehouse? Our second project put us on the map.

While we’ve sold quite a bit of catalyst over the years, our service really helped set the course for our future.

Since 1990 we have acquired catalyst throughout North America, Latin America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. CTC is the only effective solution when it comes to managing and deriving the best value from surplus catalyst. Our customer list is extensive, and our customers are all repeat customers. We deliver value to petroleum refiners each and every day.

If your company is looking to reduce their operating costs, consider surplus catalyst. CTC provides cost effective solutions when replacing catalysts, one reactor fill at a time.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients

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