We have more than 5 million pounds of fresh catalyst, aluminas, molecular sieves and inert supports available. Keep our site bookmarked and browse our inventory regularly. Not finding what you need? Contact us by phone or email. Let us work to find your company the catalyst you desire. All catalyst inventory is subject to prior sale.

Category Product Manufacturer Properties Size Condition Quantity
BT ACT-991 Axens CoMo 1/10"


1,949 lbs
BT TK-15 Haldor Topsoe Alumina 1.5"x 1"x 0.75"


0 lbs
BT OptiTrap MD Criterion Ceramic 16mm


10,000 lbs
BT TK-710 R-PA Haldor Topsoe CoMo 1/10"

Regen PA

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