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Catalyst Trading Company (CTC) provide services that include catalyst screening, repackaging, catalyst blending, catalyst socking, and bulk trailer loading / transferring. CTC owns and operates over 70,000 square feet of warehouse space, with an additional 100,000 square feet to be completed by 2nd qtr. 2016.  Catalyst Trading Company offers an array of warehouse services to save you time and money.

Services provided include the following:

Catalyst Screening:  CTC operates a state of the art screening facility for precious metals catalysts.  Our process allows us the ability to capture the precious metals catalyst, while also separating dust, fines, and small particulates.  Our screening plant is located at our main office complex in Houston, Texas.  CTC can also screen and reload DeNox modules.

Catalyst Repackaging:   CTC can repackage catalyst from and into the following containers; super sacks, drums, catalyst tote containers, and bulk trailers.  Our repackaging services facilitate the catalyst loading process by providing suitable packaging for specific unit needs.  This has proven to help plants save time and money during catalyst change outs.

Catalyst Blending:  CTC specializes in catalyst blending for petrochemical processes that require their catalyst blended, packaged, and delivered to their site ready for loading.  CTC has the equipment and know how to handle your catalyst blending needs.

Catalyst Socking:  CTC will transfer fresh catalyst into special poly packaging socks specified by the customer.  We provide crates and shipping for these services as well.

Bulk Trailer Loading:  CTC is equipped with silos and is set up to receive catalyst in bulk trailers and will repackage into customer’s specific packaging needs – super sacks, drums, or catalyst tote containers.

Warehousing:  CTC operates several warehouses within the greater Houston area, offering weekly, monthly, or extended storage for your catalyst.  An additional 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility is scheduled to be available the 2nd quarter of 2016.  CTC can also arrange the logistics and transportation for all your catalyst warehouse needs.